Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ethiopian Dictator pressured Djibouti's president to create clan Somali region after signing with clan leaders to building new port for Ethiopia

After  the Ethiopian dictator signing with Saylac (Sunatimes)  tribes of Somalia in Djibouti the president  forced to create a new region.
Saylac (Sunatimes) Ismail Omar Gelle, the Djiboutian president in Horn of Africa who has power for Somali politics plans to establish an autonomy regional state named Saylac and Lughaye state of Somalia which stands for his clan.
Sheikh Abdirahman who is from Isse clan (Djiboutian) is one of the minister's counsels of Saylac and Lughaye state of Somalia.
The president of Saylac and Lughaye state of Somalia named Mahad Abib Mohamud talked to Royal TV but he said Bokh while he wanted to say Boon which one of towns which will be under the control of his state.
The dialect of the president of Saylac and Lughaye state of Somalia seems that he was born in Djibouti or other countries which was under the French colony because his tones appears that he knows French more than Somali language.
"if our people faces starvation and drought while we are in 21 century so, there is no reasons that we have too look for recognitions, because of We have international recognition and we don't need other recognition from the other people" Mr. Abib said after he was asked that he will look for acceptations from Somaliland government.
It's clear that the clans reside in Saylac and Lughaye (Isse and Gadabursi) were neglected but this new regional autonomy will be the interest of Ismail Omar Gelle, the president of Djibouti for the Selal and Awdal regions.
The efforts from Ismail Omar Gelle resulted after the Somaliland president rejected projects which Ismail Omar Gelle wanted to carry out inside of El-gal area in order to get water to the Djiboutian society.
On the other hand, reports from important sources have indicated that the Djiboutian president annoyed after the Silanyo government has singed to Ethiopian government to use Berbera port.
Mr. Gelle's wife is from Somali Lander so it's believed that this new regional autonomy will be fruitful since he is a politician who has economic and military power.
The relationship between Somaliland and Djibouti was not good and the Djiboutian government stopped to enter in their country for the Somaliland passport.
Previously, the Somaliland passport used to enter inside of Djibouti but right now if some one has a Somaliland passport keeps inside of the immigration as well as the person will be given when he leaves from Djibouti.
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