Thursday, May 11, 2017

South Sudanese Arrests Ethiopian Rebels in Juba | Ethiopian news

 "May 10, 2017 - South Sudanese intelligence officials have reportedly arrested six Ethiopian rebels belonging to the Unity Patriot Front in the capital, Juba, according to FBC. The leader of the Ethiopian Unity Patriot Front (EUPF), General Thowath Pal Chay, has accused his rebel movement’s spokesperson, Colonel Pal Ojulu of allegedly being behind the group members’ detention in South Sudan. Ojulu, however, dismissed allegations made by the rebel group leader. “I was not aware of arrest of his groups which he formed in Juba without the knowledge of South Sudan government and reports of arrests by South Sudan National Security Service,” he told Sudan Tribune Monday. The EUPF spokesperson instead accused the EUPF chairman of having abandoned his forces and rushed to join the government of Ethiopia, without coordinating with the rebel leadership council. The rebel official, however, admitted that some members of the rebels group were arrested in Juba because they were buying guns from the local Mathiang Anyor militias without the knowledge of South Sudan government. Ojulu accused the EUPF leader of allegedly arming Anyuak youths from South Sudan with an “intention to fight the Ethiopia government which resulted in the arrest of members of their groups in Juba”. (FBC)"

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